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   LIFE EVER AFTER  created by Joan Kirk "The Other Side"
by  Don Conoscenti

Immortalize a loved one with a webpage and share them with the world....

  Since no one really knows what goes on after our time on earth is finished,  a comforting thought is that our loved ones live on.... somewhere....
Here in Life Ever After our loved ones memories live on.  A personal webpage containing information, photos and music will be online for the world to see. Family and friends may visit their website and email their comments or memories to be posted .
Search engines will list their website and people from all over the world will be able to log on and visit, at their leisure.
Please feel free to visit our members and if you have a loved one or friend that you would like to pay tribute to, please contact me
or click here for more information.

  Members in alphabetical order.      
  Allen, Arlene Agnes

Barbagallo, Leonard
Barnett, Joyce
Bates, Catherine
Bates, Willie
Beam, Thomas
Becker, Peggy
Belle, Andria
Bennett, Clifton
Bennett, JoAnn
Bennett, John N.
Bennett,  Larry
Bennett., Mary
Bennett, Neil Sr.
Bennett, Steven L.
Bielak, Dorothy
Bielak, James
Biletz, Marie
Bird, Robert
Boros, Michael J.
Brenzo, Judith
Brown, Noble
Browning, Barbara
Browning, John
Brumagin, Harold
Bryant,Robert E. II
Burgess, Eva
Burton, Janas G.

Carpenter, Charles R. sr.
Carr, Willie
Case, Alpha
Case, Anna
Case, Catherine
Case, Elizabeth
Case, Gerald
Case, John
Case, Kelly
Case, Kenneth
Case, Lois
Case, Myrtle
Case, Robert
Cazes, Theresa
Coleman, Jim
Collins, Loretta  
Crosby, Wallace

Crotty, Michael
Crouch, Major Walter


DeLuca, Antoinette
Dewey, William
DeWolf, Mary
Drew, Cynthia D.
Drew, John Milton
Drew, Ronald "Doby"

Fehlman, Virginia
Fesmire, Reese
Fuller, Anna Mae
Fuller, Celia
Fuller, Dorothy L.
Fuller, Gloria
Fuller, Kathleen A.
Fuller, Laura
Fuller, Oren
Fuller, Paul
Fuller, Pearl
Fuller, Perry
Fuller, Robert
Fuller, William

Gamble, Bernice
Gelvin, Viola
Gibson, Walter J
Gilkey, Dee
Giovanini, Gunda
Granger, Cindy
Griffin, Joshua
Gordon, Linda

Harkless, Tanesha
Harris, Mia
Hartstein, Charles
Heath, Harold
Heath, Marion
Hicks, Earl
Hicks, Kashon
Horton, Mildred
Hubbard, Michael

Irish, Nancy Brown
Isner, Nancy L.

Janicke, Rosemarie
Johnson, Sandra

Kaufman, Harry
Kaus, Bruce
Kaus, Charles
Kaus, Clara
Kunselman, Myrtle

Laklin, Ozzie

Madara, Edward
Maille, Joseph L.
Maul, Charles
MC Coy, John
McMillan, Willie Lee
Metzger, Carl P
Millspaw, Michael
Mims, James
Mitchell, Francis
Montroy, John
Moore, Lewis
Moore, Sarah
Morrow, Robert
Moyer, Nathan
Muse, Aethel
Myers, Jane


Nass, Nancy
Newlin, Robert

Olson, Doris
Olson,Richard D.
Olson, Richard J.
Overton, Charles

Pacansky, Helen
Platner, Anthony
Ponder, Terrance
Poorman, Thomas
Potthoff, Joseph
Pullium, David
Purdue, Dorothy

Reed, James D.
Rettger, Gerald

Schwartz, Betty
Schroeder, Nicholas F.
Seigworth, William
Servidio,  Hally
Setzler, Daisy
Setzler, Dale
Setzler, Warren
Shirley, Daraysha
Shoop, Chester
Snyder, Cathleen
Snyder, Russell
Spaeder, Marjorie
Spears, Cheryl
Stivers, Meghan
Swasing, Kurt
Szewczyk, Leonard

Tirado, Jose
Torres, Mary A.

Waite, Linda
Wakeley, Justin
Walmer, Charles
Walmer, Jake
Walmer, Laurie Ann
Walmer, Quincy
Warren, William
Westhoff, Thomas
Williams, Clyde
Williams, Michael
Williams, Sandra K.

Yurkewicz, John

Ziacik Autumn
Zimmerman, David

A very special thank you to Joan Kirk for her beautiful angel logo.