In Loving memory of Andria Lanese Belle

       Born  in Ames, Iowa, Andria is the daughter of Lisa Belle-Lawson (Belle) and Ricky Price. She was a 2000 graduate of Ames High School and was attending Des Moines Area Community College-Boone Campus. She worked for  McDonald's Ames, Iowa McDonald's and Panera. 
       Over her lifetime, Andria actively participated in the Ames Boys and Girls Club, Ames Baptist Church, and volunteered with Special Olympics and Midnight Madness.
Andria was truly a bright spot in people's lives. She was a friend and helper to many. 
She was always lively and full of fun. She brought a smile to everyone who knew her.
      God brought Andria home on October 5, 2003.  Her lessons learned on Earth, she moved on to greater challenges. Although she left loved ones here, they know that someday they will be with her again in Heaven. 
      She is survived by her parents, Lisa Belle-Lawson of Ames and Ricky Price of Atlanta, Ga.; her maternal grandmother, Altha Woods of Ames; two brothers, Curtis of Ames and Kendall of Des Moines; and many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

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Flowers for Andria

Friends of Andria which there are many are in shock today at the lost of this wonderful young woman. I got the phone call from my mother this morning I'm still in shock. My prayer's are with the family. I have the Joy of knowing that Andria is with the Lord for she has trusted him as her Lord and savior. Do you like Andria have that Joy of knowing for sure when you die you will see Christ and if you will see this young woman that changed are lives I pray you do. If not trust Christ today he loves you. You can have that joy that Andria Had. I love you Andria and cant wait to see you and that smile soon. 
God Bless Pastor Raymond Anderson Jr



This is a terrible tragedy. I  knew Andria somewhat, through school and her brother. I was deeply saddened when I heard the news of Andria's death.  
Katie Cottrill



On the first month's anniversary of Dria's passing we honor her with  this acknowledgment. Communicate, Appreciate and Validate our loved ones always and forever
and the comfort to her family and friends that she is still with us. Just on the other side.


  Each Dec. 13th we celebrate Andria's birthday. Knowing in our hearts that she is still with us, and sees us and understands how much we miss her. Find comfort on this day, she is at peace and she appreciates the memories and celebrations for her.

October 5th   -The years that pass since Andria left us never change. She is still in our thoughts. Her family and friends find comfort in knowing that she is with loved ones and that someday they will be together again. 

Merry Christmas 2004

Be with her family through the Holiday season. Remind them that she is still in our hearts and prayers. 
December 2010
Wishing  a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.  Please remember our loved ones during this holiday season.



October 5, 2013
It's been ten years since you passed. Your family thinks of you today as every day.


Dec. 13, 2013
Wishing  Andria a





Feb. 14, 2014


October 5, 2014

As the years go by, time does not diminish the feelings your family and friends
have for you and this anniversary. The only comfort is that one day they will see you again.


December 2014

March 20, 2017

We always end up talking about you when the family is together. Great memories.
We sure do miss your face. -
The Weidners
Emily Weidner