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 In Appreciation of our loved ones. In Memory of 

        Willis (Willie) Edward Bates

Catherine (Kate) Bates

Willis (Willie) Bates
May 23, 1921 to May 23, 2003

Born  in McKean, Pa , son of the late Manley and Ethel Wright Bates. Willie drove truck and worked at various outdoor jobs. He and wife Catherine lived in McKean, Pa until heading west to warmer weather in Apache Junction, Arizona where they settled for 30 years. He was preceded in death by a sister, Nellie Mitchell. Survivors include his wife, Catherine Wolf Bates, two sisters, Lavina Barcio of Erie and Bertha "Toots" Robinson of Wes Hills, California and several nieces and nephews. The Apache Junction Mortuary on Old West Highway arranged his last wishes. 



As the sun shines  on this desert view, we remember  Willie and his love for the  southwest. As his ashes are tossed in the wind, so let his spirit soar. 



This page is dedicated to his life and  his memories with us.

Willie built his home in this desert, no electricity, no water. 
Just him and Kate and the coyotes.

They traveled to town for groceries and WATER.

But each time it rained, Willie would have these barrels full of rainwater.  And you thought it never rained in Arizona?

After Willie passed away Kate moved to Apache Jct  in an assisted living environment. She was friends with many of the tenants there.
She passed away on August 5, 2009  and she was cremated. Her ashes were taken to be with Willie as she requested.
This memorial page is created to keep her memory alive.

Kate at her home in Arizona

Bill, Kate and Willie in Arizona




Kate and her dog.


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Each May we celebrate Willie's birthday and remember happy times.

 In Memory of Willie Bates 5/23/03

During the Holiday season, we think of Willie, no longer in pain and watching us as we shovel the "white stuff" he and his good friend "Clarence" avoided as much as they could. Together they grin as they laugh at us and remember happy times. We add Willie's family in our prayers  this season. Merry Christmas 2004

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March 2, 2010 

I learned of Kate's passing when the Christmas card I sent to her was returned and I called the place she lived at and they said I needed to contact a relative. Kate had no relatives that we knew of so I wrote Willie's sister in California. "Toots" wrote me that she was contacted by the home that Kate passed away and she came to collect her things and fulfill her wishes.
Willie and Kate stood up for Bill and I when we were married 64 years ago. Now the three of them are together in heaven.

Anna Mae

Anna Mae  passed away March 19th 2010, She is now with Bill and Kate and Willie. These photos are from Anna Mae's photo albums.

Kate and a baby kitten

Kate and Bill's camper


Kate and pet Kate cooking

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November 22, 2010
Found this photo in one of my mom's albums.  It shows happier times.

Kate and Mary Bennett near Apache Jct. AZ

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Wishing  a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.  Please remember our loved ones during this holiday season.

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Wishing you a

from all of us


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March 23, 2013
Through my aunt's I found Kate's family and learned that she was born May 4, 1917 and I will add that to her page.
I found census on Willie and his parents and sisters living in McKean, Pa. Nothing on Kate or her family. But its good to know her birth date after all this time.

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August 5, 2013
It's been 4 years since Kate left this world. I hadn't seen her since 2004 but my mom kept in touch with her.

Adding this flower bouquet on this special day.


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Feb. 14, 2014


December 2014


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