William Bradley Warren 
June 16, 1940 - Jan 29, 1992

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William, son of Arlie and Marion Warren is known by Bill to all his friends and family. 
He was a good provider, a loving husband of 33 years to Virginia, a wonderful father to Sharlene (Michael) Williams, Darlene (John) Cramer,  William Jr. (Vickie), Angela (Lamont) Hunter, Michael and foster father to Gina (Mark) Massey and Denny Lyons.
Grandfather to Jesse and Lacey Williams, Samuel, Nicholas and Elizabeth Judd, Jennifer, Amber and Brandon Warren, Christopher and Chelsea Hunter.

Bill retired from Winn Dixie and bought the South Fork Bar and Lounge and the Super Sub Sandwich Shop in Louisville, KY.
Bill lived with diabetes and passed away due to an insulin reaction that caused a coma. After weeks of suffering, God said it was time to come home.
Surrounded by his loved ones, Bill left.

At his funeral his daughter read this poem

In tears we watched him sinking, We watched him fade away
Our hearts were almost breaking, He fought so hard to stay
But when we saw him sleeping So peaceful, free from pain
We could not wish him back to suffer that again
LORD keep your arms around him And in your loving care
Make up for all his suffering and all that was so unfair
It broke our hearts to lose him
But he did not go alone, For part of us went with him
The day GOD called him home.



If you would like to share your memories of Bill,  please email us. And we will post them here.
I remember happy times as a child with my uncle Bill and how happy his children were. Being an only child, I enjoyed many playful times with my cousins and my uncle Bill was always the center of our antics.
Margaret Harrison

Photos submitted by daughter Darlene

Bill as a baby Bill as a yong man Bill and Virginia
Bill as a baby Bill Bill and Virginia

I just wanted to say a few things about Papaw. 
 Papaw was my hero, my best friend.  Every time it rains, I now know that I am safe because of him.  I remember on Walnut Way, we would sit on the front porch on the old swing and watch it rain.  Every time it would start to thunder and lightning, I would get scared and run inside and hide under my blue blanket.  Papaw would always come and get me after it stopped and let me know that I was okay and safe.  Also, he would wake me up at 5 in the morning to watch Woody the Woodpecker and every morning, I would fall back asleep every time and Papaw would take me back to my bed and tuck me in again.  Papaw was and is still my best friend.  I want to be like my Papaw and Memaw and follow in there footsteps and own my own business as well.  They are my heroes and if this dream of mine actually happens, it will be in memory of them.  Also, I just wanted to thank you for creating this site.  Now my two children will be able to know their great grandfather for the wonderful man that he was and see why our family is so special. Thank you so much.

Beth Judd


10/23/06  I am Victoria Warren and I did not know my papaw cause he died before I was born but me and my sister talk to him everyday cause he is on Meme's shelf and we know all about him. We wish we did know him
Victoria and Alicia Warren


10/23/06  I remember jumping waves in Lake Erie with cousin Margaret before she was grown up.
 I remember sunburns and fishing trips, and horse shoes and wrestling.  And I remember the rain.
 The porch swing and peace as the rained, no matter how hard it was or with what lightning -- it cleansed everything.
Sitting on the porch swing with blankets with Daddy.  Every time it rains I believe it is him saying hello and I welcome the greeting.  He IS my hero not was.  As a mother I was horrible to his grand children, punishing them if they mourned him, afraid they would forget.  They didn't.  But they don't see him as passed, just not
here.  For that I am grateful.
My biggest regret with my daddy is that my husband knows him only from me not personally. 
A tribute to the man that is my dad is that when I speak of him, people are SHOCKED not surprised
that he is not alive in the sense that they expect.
I can only pray that when it is my time to be with Daddy that my children will not allow my grand babies to Not let me be in their life just because I am in Heaven.
I Love my Dad, and there is Not -1- day that passes that I don't miss him. 
I thank God I had and have Mom.
Darlene Cramer

 Happy Birthday  Uncle Bill.

 67 years old  this year.

Stopping by with a memory of Christmas 2009


Darlene Cramer 
Missing daddy his birthday just passed on the 16th he would have been 70 : 
His B-day is always hard I wish we could have kept him longer whaw whaw

December 2010
Wishing  a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.  Please remember our loved ones during this holiday season.


Stopping by to wish a

Remember our loved ones this year


June 16th

from your family.



Wishing you a

from all of us

June 3rd  (from facebook)

I know its not quite fathers day yet...but many days lately I have been thinking of my dad and missing him, I know no one misses him more then my mom, Virginia Warren. I cant help but smile and laugh a little when I get a pedicure my dad was sure he had the most perfect feet in the entire world...and told all of us God gave us ugly feet to keep us a little humble...so true! I know he is so proud of all of his kids and a little sad he missed out on so many grandkids. I am sure he still is smiling with that true smile that always came straight from his heart.


June 16th

Double holiday for you today Uncle Bill.  Happy Birthday

and Happy Father's Day.  I wonder how many times this happened when your children were younger. :) 


Thinking of my dad William Bradley Warren Sr on father's day and his birthday missing him he left us way too young love him and mom too




from your family.

January 29, 2014

TWENTY-TWO YEARS you have been gone from this Earth. To your family it seems like yesterday. They remember you in everything they do. They tell their children stories about you and teach them things you taught them. You will never be forgotten.
We will see you again.


Feb. 14, 2014

June 15, 2014



June 16, 2014

Sept 29, 2014


October 11, 2014

Right now your grandson Chris is getting married. I am not there but a lot of people are and they are taking photos and putting them on face book.
 I put this picture here.

Your wife and daughter and other family members are there to share their happiness.
Miss you Uncle Bill.

Chris  made sure you were represented at the wedding.

More photos

December  2014
January 29, 2015

Its been 23 years since you left this Earth.  Your family thinks of you today as always.


Happy Valentine's Day

May 4, 2015

Saw this posted on Face Book.

Jim Case (Virginia's brother), Bill and Virginia Warren, Olive Case (Virginia's sister) and the minister, taken on June 27, 1959 in Louisville, Ky.



June 16, 2015

Thinking of you today and remembering all the happy times.