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 In Appreciation of our loved ones.     In Loving Memory of    
Grandpa Fuller
April 13, 1895 - June 14, 1984

William PERRY Fuller


Celia Viola Reed Fuller

Grandma Fuller
Aug 24, 1896 - March 23, 1990

                   Perry was born to Edwin and May (Propeck) on April 13, 1895.  He was a farmer, living off the land, planting crops and milking cows. Well known in the McKean area he supported his wife and children and made a home for them.  Perry enjoyed a trip west with his oldest son William and his family. Visiting his youngest son and family in Arizona.  His youngest daughter Dorothy cared for him and his wife throughout their years.   Perry passed away on June 14, 1984 and  lays to rest  at Valley Cemetery on Dunn Valley Road in McKean, Pa.

                 On March 23, 1990 a fire broke out in the house on Oliver Road. Celia Viola (Reed) Fuller was in her bedroom.  The dry wood and aged house took off in a blaze before anyone could save her.  Celia died as a result of that fire.  Her daughter Dorothy tried to save her and was burned.  Celia was born  to Julia (Nye) and Otis Reed on August 24, 1896. Married William Perry Fuller on December 26, 1918.  Celia was a school teacher at various schools in the McKean area. She and Perry raised  7 children in their home on Oliver Road.  William,  Sarah, Edwin, Oren, Paul, Francis and Dorothy.  She is laid to rest with Perry at Valley Cemetery in McKean Pa. 

If you would like to post any memories or photos please email me at 

Perry and Ceila visiting son, Joe and family in Arizona
Perry and Celia in Arizona

On the eve of their 45th anniversary Dec. 25, 1963

               As the years go by we remember our loved ones. Some of us have very different memories. But the fact remains, we never forget.  Please take the time to remember Perry and Celia in your daily prayers. Know that they are watching over us and someday will be there to greet us when our time on this earth is done.

Each year we honor Perry and Celia on the anniversary of their passing and celebrate their birthday with love.   Gone from our sight but not our hearts.
       In loving memory of Perry's passing 19 years ago June 14th.
Visiting grandpa's grave and seeing the beautiful flowers left by family members it is apparent that we still remember and honor him.  20 years ago Perry left  this world, but never our hearts. 

20th anniversary rose. Gone but not forgotten

The holidays were a special time for my grandparents. I remember the tree in the parlor and supper cooking on the wood-burning stove. A real tree, cut down by a family member, decorated with ornaments made or bought, but certainly with love.  Let's remember Perry and Celia this holiday season and know that they and our loved ones are celebrating too.  

Merry Christmas 2004

Easter 2005 - We visited the cemetery and put a beautiful pot of yellow Mums. A touch of spring on a dreary still wintry day let everyone know we  remember. 

Entrance to the Fuller Farm - On the Other Side

This 4th of July 2005  I learned a little more about my father's family. It seems that this is the original homestead. There is a well on this piece of "God's Little 8 1/2 Acres", and the first home of Perry and Celia. Over the years the land has been handed down to the children and sold. The only remaining  piece is here and the current home of their daughter Dorothy (Fuller) Armagost. My Aunt Dorothy  took care of her parents and lived in the house with her family until the fire that took my grandmother's life. After the fire they rebuilt the house and they live there still.  The only two remaining properties still owned by a Fuller descendant.

We visited the cemetery on April 30th and Mary painted the flowers on the headstone.


The colors bring warmth and life to the stone.

March 23, 2007
After a muddy, snowy winter, I visited my grandparents grave and brought a bit of springtime.

The years do not diminish the emotion of this day. 17 years ago today I lay in the maternity wing of Metro Health Hospital.
My water broke about the same time the fire started in my grandmother's home.  My son was to be born,
but when I found out that I had just lost my grandmother, there was no way that my child was going  to be born on the same day.
Albert was born at 3:24 am on 3/24/1990.  As the years have gone by I have felt her presence and saw her mannerisms and love through my son.
I have learned to appreciate the gift of life and understanding unselfishness of death.

March 31, 2007  Daughter Sarah joins Perry and Celia in heaven. I know it was a wonderful reunion. Now free from body pain they are celebrating her return.
Those left on Earth will miss her, but I have been told that one day when our time is done, we too will rejoice and reunite with them.

April 13, 2007  Today we celebrate Perry's birth. Now 113, Twenty-three years after he left this world, Perry is still watching over us  with love. Happy Birthday Grandpa.

Happy 113 Birthday Grandpa

June 17, 2007  Stopped by Perry's grave and saw the beautiful flowers left by family members.

                    Happy Father's Day Grandpa.

June 14 marked 23 years since he passed and for 23 years we have honored him with flowers and loving memories. 
July 5, 2007  Stopped to visit. Left a photo of Perry and Celia. One that was taken on their 45th  anniversary in their parlor next to the Christmas tree.



March 23rd we remember the passing of Celia. Each year comes at us hard and the only relief is that one day we will see her again.


June 14 th marks the 24th year of Perry's passing. June 15th is Father's Day. 
 It was an eventful weekend for all of us but we still have time to remember our loved ones.
  Happy Father's Day Perry.


March 23, 2009 A penny in my pocket reminds me of this day. When you find a penny where you least expect it, know that your loved ones are reaching out to you and watching over you that day. I love my gentle reminders of my grandma and her love.
Flag Day 2009  (June 14, 2009)  and the anniversary of Perry's passing.  Father's Day is June 21st this year.
We miss you grandpa.
August 24, 1896 The day Celia was born. Googling that day you find bits of trivia.
Like: Today is Weather Cliché Day, marking this date in 1897 when editor Charles Dudley Warner of the Hartford Courant published the sentence,
 "Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it."  Many incorrectly attribute the quotation to Warner's close friend, Mark Twain.
And famous events on August 24th
1932: Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly non-stop across the U.S., traveling from Los Angeles to Newark, New Jersey, in just over 19 hours
Celia was 35 on that day. I am sure she sat listening to the radio when they announced this awesome feat by a woman.
She saw all the struggles women went through in her 93 years. She taught her girls and grand-daughters to be strong and there isn't anything you can't accomplish with hard work.
She listened to Paul Harvey every day.
April 1951 he started his show on the radio, broadcasting at noon with the rest of his story. He passed away Feb 28th 2009. Now he is telling the end of the story and I am sure she is listening.
Happy Birthday Grandma.


Stopping by with a memory of Christmas 2009


Photo from Anna Mae's photo albums.

Stopped by the cemetery and planted a rose bush and  purple mums. Love you grandma and grandpa.
Mary renewed the color on the headstones.

November 18, 2010
Receive a letter from Pearl today letting me know that Paul passed away. He had been sick for over a year, and now he is free from pain.
Paul Eckner Fuller, son of Perry and Celia, passed away on November 4, 2010. 

November 22, 2010 Found these in my mom's photo albums.  Shows happy times.
On a trip out west, stopped at White Sands New Mexico  Visiting Tony and Marg in Santa Barbara California.
December 2010
Wishing  a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.  Please remember our loved ones during this holiday season.


March 23,2011
Twenty-One years ago the homestead caught on fire. My grandmother passed away that day. Although gone from our sight, never gone from our heart.
Know this... we WILL see them again. Until then, keep their memories alive.

April 24, 2011

Sept 17, 2011
Stopped by and left some cut flowers just as they were cutting the grass.
Miss you both.



Stopping by to wish a
 Remember our loved ones this year.

January 1, 2012
Happy New Year Grandpa and Grandma
Give mom and dad a big hug and kiss from me.  Thank you for being there when we needed you. We miss ya.

Feb. 27, 2012

Stopped and left some colorful flowers until I can get there and plant some when the weather gets better.
March 23, 2012
Sun is shining and the weatherman forecasts' rain.  Stopping by  the cemetery with flowers for my grandparents. Today marking the 22nd year since her passing.
Tomorrow my son turns 22.
miss you grandma and grandpa

April 13th
Happy Birthday Grandpa.

Nice day today so Mary and I came out to the cemetery to brighten up the headstone.

May 13, 2012

Miss you Grandma



June 14, 2012
28 years ago I remember I was living with my parents and my daughter Lei Ann was almost one month old. We hadn't been back in Erie very long.
I hadn't seen my Grandparents and the first time my Grandma held my daughter was at the funeral home. The first thing she did was take off her shoes and look at her feet.
I thought that was odd but my mom said that was a Fuller tradition. I noticed it later at her funeral when my aunt Pearl took my son's shoes off and looked at his feet. Strange the things we remember.
Miss you Grandpa.

June 20,2012

Stopped by the cemetery today and left some roses from my yard.
Think of you and miss you every day.




July 29, 2012
Mary and I brought some cut flowers today. We took a ride down Oliver Road and saw a lot of corn growing on your corner lot. Saw one cow under a tree on George's property.
Glad that the land is being used. Miss you both.

Wishing you a


from all of us


March 23, 2013
There is snow on the ground. Too much to go to the cemetery. So glad I created this website. See, I can communicate with you without going to your gravesite.
Although I enjoy going there and leaving beautiful flowers and mementos for you. Yes, I know I don't need a website or a gravesite or anything else to talk to you,
but just to keep others from looking at me like I am crazy, this helps. Today is also the third anniversary of my mom's funeral.
That day we laid her to rest next to daddy and I walked across the street and put flowers on your grave. I know you and grandpa and daddy were there to meet her. 
Save a place for me grandma.
Love, Margaret

April 13. 2013

Thinking of you this morning. Missing you.


June 14, 2013


missing you still.

June 16th


August 24, 2013




Feb. 14, 2014

March 23, 2014
Thinking of you on this day.
It's been 24 years since you left this Earth. Missing you still Grandma


April 13, 2014

Thinking of you on your day.
Love Margaret

My aunt Olive and cousin Sheila came and got me. We went to the cemetery. There is a beautiful flower growing next to the headstone.

Not sure what it is, but it just proves  that love still grows.

April 14, 2014

I keep seeing the commercial about  and Aunt Olive has an account, so I went online and  typed in my own name. I typed in my dad and grandfather's name.

Perry William Fuller
      Great Grandfather Edwin Fuller
      Great Grandmother Annie May Propeck 
           Great Great Grandfather Joseph Propeck (born in McKean, Pa)
           Great Great Grandmother Sara A Mead (born in Franklin Pa)
                 Great Great  Great Grandfather William Mead (born in 1811)
                 Great Great Great Grandmother Amelia Pettis  (born in 1819)
                 Great Great Great Grandfather Joseph Propeck Sr (born in Germany)
                 Great Great Great Grandmother Julia Grethier      (born in Germany)
                       Great Great Great Great Grandfather Leo Grethier (born in Germany)
                       Great Great Great Great Grandmother Mary Schrap    (born in Germany)
well, nothing before Mary and Leo but that is much more than I knew yesterday. :)

Ok Grandma, I looked up your side of the family
Father William Fuller
Grandmother Celia Viola Reed
Great Grandfather Otis Reed (born in Tolland, Conn)
Great Great Grandfather Oren Reed (born in Tolland, Con died in McKean Pa)
Great Great Grandmother - Mahala Aylesworth ( born in 1806 in McKean)
Great Great Great Grandfather Shubael Reed
Great Great Great Grandmother - Mehitable Hale (born in 1775 in Ashford, Conn)
Great Great Great Great Grandfather Shubael Reed Sr  (born in Windham, Conn)
Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather John Reed 1701 - 1756 (born in Taunton, Mass)
Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather John Reed II 1674 - 1739 (born in Massachusetts )

now on your mother's side
Great Grandmother Julia M Nye
Great Great Grandfather Prince Nye (born in Barnstable, Mass died in Erie Pa)
Great Great Grandmother - Harriet B Crumb (born in Truxton, ny)
Great Great Great Grandfather Prince Nye ( born in Sandwich, Mass died in Fabious, Ny)
Great Great Great Grandmother - Berthia Kempton ( born in Uxbridge, Mass died in Fabius, Ny)
Great Great Great Great Grandfather - John Kempton (born in Suffolk Mass)
Great Great Great Great Grandmother - Bethia Deland ( born 1712 in Salem, Mass)
Great Great Great Grandfather - Hosea Ennie Crumb ( born in Westerly RI died in McLain Pa)
Great Great Great Great Grandfather - Sylvester Crumb (born 1699 in Westerly RI died in 1816 in Crumb  Hill, Ny))
Great Great Great Great Grandmother - Grace Culver (born 1755 in Westerly RI)
Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather - Joseph Crumb (born in Westerly RI)
Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother - Amey Cottrell (born 1717 in Kingstowne, RI)
Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather - William twin Culver (born 1723 New London Conn)
Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother- Mary Burden
Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather - David Culver (born 1692 in Groton Conn)
Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother - Elizabeth Keeney (born in 1690 in New London, Conn)
Great Great Great Grandmother- Abigail Blanchard (born in Truxton, Ny died in Mclain, Pa 1858)
Great Great Great Great Grandfather - Stephen Nye (born in 1756 in Sandwich, Massachusetts)
Great Great Great Great Grandmother - Abigail Crocker (born in 753 in Barnstable, Mass.)
Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather - Lot Nye (born in 1730 in Sandwich, Mass died in Barnstable, Mass)
Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother - Hannah (/) Nye ( born in 1728 in Sandwich, Mass)

and that is as far back as that goes.


May 11, 2014


June 14, 2014

Thirty years ago, my daughter Lei Ann was not quite a month old, I sat next to my grandmother at the funeral home. She took off my baby's shoe and looked at her feet.
I didn't understand why people did that, but never questioned it. You didn't get to see Lei Ann, we had only been back in Erie a couple weeks.
As you know she has three children of her own.
I think of you often, I wonder what she would have grown up like if she would have met you, but then I think she turned out ok, so you must have been watching anyway.
Miss you grandpa. Save a place for me when my time comes. Say hello to mom and dad and grandma for me.



June 15, 2014
Brought you some daisies,

Miss you both.  Love, Margaret
August 24, 2014
Hi Grandma
Today is your birthday. I remember my dad bringing you a milkshake on your birthday.

Found this for you



December 2014


March 23, 2015

Waking up this morning thinking of what my day is going to be like. I go to the church 3 times a week and volunteer in the office as secretary. I also volunteer with the food pantry and that happens every other Wednesday.
But there is so much to get ready to give out the food and a lot of paperwork involved so its really a full time volunteer job. LOL
I love you grandma, I woke thinking of you and how many years it has been. I created this flower arrangement just for you.

I know that you have been there for me all these years. One day I will see you again, Jesus promises me that.
Love, Margaret

April 13, 2015

Wow 120 years ago you were born.
I went on and some photos have been added by someone in another family tree.

Your mother's headstone

Your father's headstone

And your WWII registration card

next time I am out at Valley I am going to find these two stones. Hello May and Edwin, I am your great grand daughter.


May 9th

Found these headstones when visiting you today. I don't know why I never heard of any of these people. I am sorry I never got to meet them.

  There's a LOT of space between the family plot stone
and the individual headstones.
I am going to research to see if I can get a map. 

June 14, 2015

You know today is Flag Day.  Honestly didn't even know that,  the 14th of June has always brought the memory of my grandfather passing. 
Yesterday I bought some flowers for the church, a mixed bouquet of flowers in honor of my mom and dad. This bunch has 3 roses in it, I said two roses for my parents, but there's three, oh well that's great.
Then this morning as I took this picture I said Grandpa, the 3rd rose is for you.

Love,  Margaret


August 24, 2015

Happy Birthday Grandma


March 24, 2016
Thought about you yesterday, Grandma.  I was at church, it was food pantry day. I am in charge of it now. I still am secretary, but now am bookkeeper as well.
Mary is living in Arizona, its hard for me to accept that, but she is an adult now and is allowed to make her own decisions.  Your grandson is working as I type this.
His birthday is today. He is a wonderful young man and takes care of his mom. Lei Ann and family are doing well, she is expecting a little girl in May. Yes I am excited.
Miss you grandma.

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