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May 19, 1927 - Sept. 10, 2011

Charles E. Maul, loving husband, father, grandfather and friend
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Charles E. Maul, age 84 of Erie, passed away at UPMC Hamot on Saturday, September 10, 2011.
He was injured in a motorcycle accident on August 30th. 2011  
He is the son of the late Theodore and Nanna Johnston Maul, and was born in Beaver Falls
 on May 19, 1927.

Charles is a veteran of World War II, and worked at General Electric for 40 years.

Following retirement, he was very active and loved going out to Presque Isle for walks, bicycle riding, and enjoying all the animals.

In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his brother Richard Maul.

He is survived by his beloved wife of 67 years, Bernice Walters Maul, one daughter Carolyn Olson (Richard), one grandchild Kimberly Dickerson (Scot), and two great grandchildren Jared and Trever Dickerson. He is also survived by a sister-in-law Sandy Hewitt, many nieces and nephews, and a Godchild Pam Vail.

Per Charles' wishes, there will be no calling hours or services.

Memorial contributions may be made to the John Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation, 130 West 8th Street, Erie PA 16501, or the A.N.N.A. Shelter, 1555 East 10th Street, Erie PA 16511.

Arrangements entrusted to Burton Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc., 602 West 10th Street.
From son-in-law Rich:
Charles Maul died at 5:15 pm Saturday afternoon.
For those not aware he was in a terrible motorcycle/van accident on the parkway.
A van made a left turn directly in front of him.
He t-boned it, went down, slid underneath and was run over by the rear wheels.
Skull fracture (wearing a helmet), crushed right eyebrow and sinus, broken neck, and almost all ribs broken or fractured.
First day after, they went in through the throat and repaired the neck with a pin. Same afternoon, they cleaned up the skull fracture and repaired the sinus.
He was not feeling too good, but could talk and was joking around.
By the next day he had pneumonia, and next day he went septic.
The following day he couldn't swallow, so they gave  him a feed tube.
Following day they had to put him on a respirator, he was still aware and could slightly communicate.
After that he went rapidly downhill, kidneys ceased function and some other things.
I thought of him as a good friend, and never thought of him as my father-in-law.
There will be no viewing, service, or funeral, according to his wishes.
His ashes will be scattered on the peninsula as he wanted.
Please keep the family in your prayers.



I received an email from Rich this morning telling of his father-in-law passing.
As their family prepare for his departure I prepare a place for him at Life Ever After.  Rest in Peace Chuck. Say hi to my mom and dad if you see them.
Maggie Harrison


Please send your memories of Charles to






September 10, 2014

Third anniversary of your passing. Your family thinks of you today as everyday.


May 19, 2014

Beautiful day outside today, thinking of Chuck on his 87th birthday. He's riding his bike up in Heaven and us on Earth are remembering him on his day.



Feb. 14, 2014

Saw this on facebook. Remembering Chuck, your friends will never forget you.





Sept 10, 2013

It's been two  years. Family members remember you this day.

June 16th



May 19, 2013
Happy Birthday Charles.  Wishing your family good memories on this day.

Wishing you a

from all of us.

Carols dads ashes were scattered on the peninsula. Carol had a dream, she and her mom were on the peninsula it was a beautiful day. There were helicopters in the sky with fishing lines hanging down, she wondered what that was about. There was a man sitting by the water and she walked over to him, it was her dad. He said I don't think they are going to catch much, but you never know. They talked for awhile. She woke up and told me, and said she felt better than she had in a long time (since he died).

Sept. 9, 2012
I woke this morning from a dream of my friend's father and his ordeal a year ago. He is concerned about his wife, my friend's mother. She fell recently and broke her hip. She is recovering slowly. I know what it's like when a person looses a loved one. I know what time does and the loneliness they feel even though they are surrounded by people, friends and family.

        Stopping by here today to place anniversary flowers  (9/10/)  for Chuck, but also a note to him that she is in good hands and I will pass his message onto my friend.


June 17th


Stopping by to wish you a



April 8, 2012
Happy Easter


Stopping by to wish a

Remember our loved ones this year.



Thank you for putting Charles on your Life Ever After website.
It was a source of comfort to see the posted messages from some people that we haven't seen in a while. your comforting thoughts will always be remembered.
Bernice Maul, Carol & Rich, Kim and Scot


Sept. 17, 2011
Charles wishes were carried out as his wife, daughter and granddaughter laid him to rest. He will be missed by many. Please know that one day we will see Charles again and that he has not left us, he is just on the other side.
Maggie Harrison

September 14, 2011
Jean, Molly and Kim, We were so sorry to hear of Chucks passing. We just wanted you to know you are all in our thoughts and prayers.
Sandy and Art Mantz
San Tan Valley, Arizona

The Legend of "Chuck" Maul 

My Father-in-law "Chuck" Maul recently passed away. He was a  great guy. A good friend. Always joking around, full of stories and viewpoints, which I am in complete agreement with.

To continue, I am still in contact with a lot of friends from high school. Which at this point, was over fifty years ago.  A small group of us meet every second Wednesday at a restaurant  for dinner. We met again this past Wednesday night.

A friend "Dave" said he had seen the "Obit", and asked if "Chuck" had worked at G.E. in Purchasing as a Purchasing Agent. I told him that was correct. He stated that he and "Chuck" had worked together for more than ten years prior to "Chuck`s" retirement, and that he knew him well.

"Chuck was always full of jokes and instructions on how to do things a little bit differently.

He had a large in-box on his desk, in which he would place all incoming purchase requests, the newest on the top. They would stay in that box, and not be ordered until someone contacted him a second time to see if they had been ordered and for a possible delivery date. If no one contacted him again, the order would through time, drift toward the bottom of the quite substantial pile. At the end of each year he would take a tape measure and measure up from the bottom, an inch and a half, remove all orders below that line, and shred them. No one, not one time, ever contacted him about the shredded orders. Chuck  said " Now you see how I save the company large amounts of money each year, because obviously they were not really needed anyway or someone would have asked where are they ?  " "

Dave is now retired himself, lives in Florida but comes to Erie for his summers. Dave said that this story is still told at G.E., as the "Legend of Chuck Maul"

Proud to have known him, to be his friend, and son-in-law,

Rich Olson

September 13, 2011
So sorry for your loss.
Randy Weed, Union City, Pennsylvania

September 13, 2011
My sympathies to Charley's family. He was a wonderful work associate and friend.
I have great memories of fishing with Charley and Merle Magoon. He had a zest for life that I always admired.
Larry Beard, Wirtz, Virginia

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