LIFE EVER AFTER  created by Joan Kirk "The Other Side"
by  Don Conoscenti

Immortalize a loved one with a webpage and share them with the world....

         Since no one really knows what goes on after our time on earth is finished,  a comforting thought is that our loved ones live on.... somewhere....
Here in Life Ever After our loved ones memories live on.  A personal webpage containing information, photos and music will be online for the world to see. Family and friends may visit their website and email their comments or memories to be posted . Search engines will list their website and people from all over the world will be able to log on and visit, at their leisure.

I would love to do this for free but web space is expensive therefore I must charge a fee of $50.00.
For this $50.00 the website is created, photos added, music plays and memories are posted.
This is a one-time fee.

If you are interested in adding your loved one to our members list, please email Maggie  or send information, photo, name of music and a check or money order to: 
 Maggie Harrison
 1710 Brooklyn Ave
 Erie, Pa 16510
All photos will be returned)

You may now pay online through PayPal by sending a payment of $55.00

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A very special thank you to Joan Kirk for her beautiful angel logo.