Until we meet again

A special dedication to the

memory of

Joyce Arlene Barnett

September 24, 1941


October 17, 1999



Graduate of Academy High School class of 1958. Joyce is survived by her mother, Mary L. Bennett, her husband Allen B. Barnett, 2 daughters Angela Marie Lloyd and Ann Marie Barnett. 2 sons Allen B. Barnett, Jr. and James Ira Barnett, Sister Clara Mae (Bennett) Kaus and 5 brothers Clifton, Ira, John, Steve and Larry Bennett. 
Preceded in death by her father Ira L. Bennett and brother Neil Bennett.


Here, now, a year is ending,
A year filled with moments of pain
Here, now, a heart needs mending
Before a new year arrives in vain.
Look at the trees outside,
The old leaves are dying and brown
Look at them wither away,
Finally falling lifeless to the ground.
We could learn a lesson
From Mother Nature's grand design
We could learn to let things go
Before they make us wither, grow cold and die
For how can new leaves begin to grow
If the old ones hold too tightly
For how can the buds of promise form
If faded foliage will not set them free
When you see those trees in springtime
All you can see are buds and hits of green
When you see those trees in Maytime
New blooms hond the promise of a summer yet to be
All the lifeless leaves have fallen
They lie on the ground and out of sight
All the lifeless leaves have a new purpose
Nurturing the tree to reach new heights.
If only we could learn from that
And leave the hurtful past behind us
If only we could let go the pain
And keep only the lessons to remind us.
We can choose to let old wounds
Keep us from growing in the time to come
We can choose to let old wounds heal
And grow stronger, turning our eyes toward the sun
Here, now a year is beginning once more
A year filled with the promise of laughter
Here, now a heart reaches to open the door
On a future of hope and "happily-ever-after."




I have looked for inspiration today
lea.in the beautiful colors of the autumn leaves
lea.in photo albums full of faded memories.

I have looked for consolation today
lea.in the arms of those I hold most dear
lea.in the pieces of her that still lay near.

I have looked for hope today
lea. in the eyes of my family and friends
lea. in the mercy of God which never ends.

I have looked for life today
lea.in the tall pines that remain evergreen
lea.in the October air, so crisp and clean.

I have looked for a reason to love today
lea.in the comfort of a hand held tight
lea.in the warmth of the dappled sunlight

Yet no matter where I search, nothing did I find
to ever compare to the inspiration, consolation, hope and lifelea.
Given to me by that gentle soul, my reason to smile,
my reason to love, my Mother -- a sweet friend and a loving Wife.
In the many days to come we'll all look to see her standing therelea.
Smiling at us, reaching out to us, telling us she cares.
We'll look to see her offering her shoulder, always willing to do her partlea.
And the most incredible miracle of all is when we look she'll really be there
in the window of our heart.

Written bylealea. Angel (Barnett) Lloyd           
in loving tribute to her beloved Mother      


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As we look back on happy times in Joyce's life, we know of many events where family and friends gathered.

  8/9/16  Remembering Mary Bennett on her birthday. Angela sent these photos and I put these two here. 

These pictures were sent via email from Olive Case Walmer.

The Old Gang

Olive sent me this picture. Yes, its Joyce, and in my yard but who else, and when?

come on familylealea when was this picture taken?
Stopping by on this special day to wish Joyce a Happy Birthday. September 24, 2003.

I came across your site quite by accident -- yet we both know nothing is ever "by accident" for those who have seen their loved ones from beyond. Your mother is still with you, as is mine.
Thanks, and God blesslealea Elaine

If you have a photo or memory you would like to share please email me and I will gladly add it to this memorial.
The white rose signifies the anniversary Each October 17th we remember Joyce and rejoice that one day her family and friends will see her again. Loved ones remember her on this day and everyday.

As the holiday season approaches, let us remember the happy times. Keep Joyce's family in your  thoughts and prayers.  Merry Christmas 2004
Beautiful! Wonderful! Such a fantastic Mother, Sister, Aunt, & Wife! This was a very well loved tribute to the GREATEST AUNT ever! May she dwell in the house of the LORD for-ever & ever: till we meet again!
Angela- thee most loved ever, All her Family. Uncle Al, Alan Jr., Angela, James, Anne Marie, her Mom, her sister her new family Elmer, Laurie & kids, Tina & family- LOVE to you all! Of course her brothers, and Margaret & Anna Mae THANKS! That was so beautiful!


Stopping by with a memory of Christmas 2009


June 23, 2010  Today Joyce's  mom, Mary Bennett, joined her family in heaven. I know it was a beautiful reunion and take comfort in knowing that we will all be together again when our time comes. As her family prepare Mary's funeral I create a place for Mary on Life Ever After. http://www.lifeeverafter.com/marybennett

December 2010
Wishing  a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.  Please remember our loved ones during this holiday season.


October 3, 2011
Tonight your sister Clara joins you in heaven. She is finally without pain. We are sad, but we know that one day we will see you all again.
 I add her to the list of members here at Life Ever After. Clara Kaus

Stopping by to wish a
Remember our loved ones this year.



May 13, 2012

from your family

Saw these pictures on facebook. posted by Angela, thought they belonged here.
Joyce and Allen



September is a month for change. The summer sun moves away from us and brings on the chill of fall. We slowly put away the swing and pool and lawn chairs. We prepare for the cold by changing the filter on our furnace, bring out the blankets and long sleeve sweaters. As a child Joyce helped her mother, brothers and sister prepare for this cold. They also started school, and the walk from their house to Burton School wasn't far but it was up hill. At the time and their age, it didn't seem like uphill and laughed at our parents when they had to stop in the middle to rest. I experienced the same feeling when I walked my grandson up that hill. This year, that school is empty and quiet.

Wishing Joyce a Happy Birthday  the 24th of this month and hope the family members celebrate it too.


July 6,2013

Olive found this picture and sent it to me.

Remember when this was?


September 24, 2013


Wishing Joyce a

Knowing that her family remember her on this day.


October 17, 2013

This day every year is hard on the family and close friends. They remember that day, they remember good and loving things. They miss Joyce.
We all do.

comments from face book

Thank you so much Margaret Harrison for putting this together and posting in memory of my Mom!
We miss her dearly and remember her always.
Ann M Erdner



Jan 1, 2014

from your family


From daughter Angel

Joyce and Baby Al.


Feb. 14, 2014




May 11, 2014
Angela , Ann Marie, Allen and James


May 11, 2014


This is your grandson Dustin James. This picture was taken a few days before his 12th birthday May 7, 2014.
He asks about you often even though he never got to meet you.
He wants to know what you liked to do and if you collected anything. He picked out a set of your salt and pepper shakers recently!
We will always keep you alive and share the good memories with Dustin.
We love you and you are greatly missed.
Happy Mother's Day.
Ann Marie


June 28, 2014  Posted on facebook by Angela   (Joyce, keep an eye on him so he gets well)
Not sure where to startlea. My Dad had a serious stroke last Sunday and he is doing well, has all of his cognitive faculties, but is faced with long and serious rehab to get back the use of his left arm and leg. I just thank God he is still HERE. I mean, heaven is great but DON'T LEAVE WITHOUT ME!!!! Anyway, Please pray for him (all of us) to have strength and patience. Praise the Lord He is faithful to answer.

.Tammy Johnson prayers!!
John Bennett my prayers are with you
Tika Diane Prayers with grandpa very happy he's still here I didn't get asked to come down with everyone today as far I knew he was still in Pittsburgh
Jan Bosak   bAll of you have been in my thoughts & prayers. Love you guys. Let me know if there is anything we can do.
Diane Fetterhoff   Sorry to hear that Angel I will certainly pray for him. He is such a nice man. hugss
Matthew Renwick sending prayers
Margaret Harrison praying for him Angel. Tell him we are thinking about him and get well soon.

Sept. 8, 2014

heard Allen was doing well.


September 24, 2014

from your family and friends here on earth.


October 17, 2014

Fifteen years today you left this Earth. A lot has happened since then. I know that you have been watching and am aware of the changes and things happening in your families lives.
Know that they see it too. The remember you daily in things they do and the LOVE that they share with each other.

Miss you Joyce





December 2014



May 2015

From Allen jr  who posted this on Face Book.

Saw this posted on Face Book by Ann.  Its a beautiful stone for a beautiful woman.


I love you so very much and wish I could give you a big birthday hug today. Miss you dearly.
Ann Marie

September 24, 2015


October 17, 2015
Your family thinks of you today, as always.  Say hi to my mom and  dad for me.  Keep the door open when its my time to come. I'll keep an eye on things here.
comments from face book.

16 yrs ago today our Mother went to Heaven. Wish i could bring her back. Lucky me my Heart is filled with her Love. Miss you Mother Love You.
Allen Barnett
Its so hard to believe she's been gone that long. but sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday. I miss her so much too Allen. you know you also got her good cooking from her!


February 14, 2018

Ann Marie


Feb 14, 2019
From Ann Marie


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