Turn up your speakers and listen to Kashon's favorite song - " Back at One"

Kashon Shariee Hicks

October 19, 1979  -  September  30,  2007

Kashon Hicks 27, 2515 East Ave,  entered the kingdom of Heaven after a long and painful illness.
Born in Buffalo, N.Y., he is the son of Earl Hicks and Susan Albaugh Carr.
Brother to Nina (Dana Hopkins), Quisha (Jason Powell), Sharon McClary and Lilly Bell Hicks. Husband to Wilma Hicks. Uncle to Dana Jr, Devin, Dynisha, Lakola, Darius, Rovairr, Nigel, Kye, Tai, Isaiah, Alex, Ariaona, Demetrius, Dakota. Step-father to Terrell H. Gavin, Maya L. Copeland and Antonio Copeland Jr. Stepson to Cheryl Mason Hicks and Willie Carr. Father and mother- in-law to Steve and Mary Campbell, brother in law to Keven & Veronica Martin and Mary Bridges,

Kashon enjoyed listening to music and playing video games. He will be dearly missed by his wife, mother, family and friends. 
Cremation was handled by Law Funeral Home
Kashon now joins his grandmother Deloris Albaugh and also Eugene and Shirley Scott in Heaven.
For my loving wife Wilma for my loving mother and best friend Susan

Married April 24, 2007



Mother Susan

Wife Wilma


I go with the wind......on a journey to the Light,  distant, shimmering, brilliant white.
Moving through darkness......lost and alone, further and further into the unknown.
So afraid......I tremble and quail. Bemoaning my fate, I whimper and wail.
And I'm falling, falling down, down into the nether. I cry out......
"Oh, God! Please God, hear my plea. Please, God, save me!
Suddenly all fear is gone.......
There's the soft caress of a gentle breeze. I am safe......my soul is at ease.
Music, sweet music...the sound of tinkling bells, with hope, and joy, and with love, it swells.
A chorus of voices from everywhere...... To the glory of God the universe sings,
a song of angels, with feathered wings. No longer am I alone.......
Beings of light surround me, protect me and take me higher.
Guiding me through a wondrous space, as to the Light we rise and spire.
Drifting through oceans of knowledge, unseen, floating and learning, calm and serene.
Itís time now to recall my life...... to remember the joy and remember the strife.
I was afraid not to be happy. I sang and I danced to hide my pain.
I girdled myself with the heavy chain that the lust for wealth and material things,
and the love of money always brings. But now I see and I understand......
My life was always mine to command. The wisdom of "All That Is" is mine
and so my life is for me to define. I empathize now......as I couldn't before.
Petty wrongs I choose to ignore. For, always, I was kind, with a gentle, loving heart.
I gave of myself to others and always did my part.
Now I put all this behind me......It was only for me to see. I lived, I loved and I learned.
That's why life was given to me.

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Keep in mind that Kashon is at peace now. No longer in pain and watching over us.
He is finally at rest.
Anna Mae Fuller (Erie Pa)

To my uncle, even though we used to tease each that we were the same age. I love you and you will be missed. You will remain in my heart forever. Love your niece, Chemecka
Chemecka McClary (Lancaster, PA)

October 1, 2007
To all of us that is affected by our love one, Shon will be miss in more ways than one but never forgotten, I wish we could of spend more of our lives together but I love you Shon forever.
Labelle Hicks (Lancaster, PA)

October 1, 2007
Uncle Earl, Sharon, Lilly, and Keshia, I loved Shon as much as I love you all!
You are in my thoughts and prayers and I really wish I could be there with you.
Trish Hicks (Oshkosh, WI)

We at Heartland Home Healthcare and Hospice extend our sincere sympathy to the loved ones of Shon.

Robin Sornberger-Otis RN
Director of Professional Services

This is my uncle and I love him with all my heart he means a lot to me.  I never thought that he would go so soon. I thought we had more time together I prayed for and still do because my love will always be with him and him with me. He was my buddy and still is no matter what.  I hope life up there is good for him I know we will be together again when my time comes.  Wwe had hard times before but always worked them out that was a great thing in our friendship.
 love u uncle you are in my heart for ever
nycole bridges

Gods arms is stretched open wide to embrace the home coming of another child. You fought a long and hard battle Shon, now that your job is done on this earth you take the rest that is do unto you. We will miss you. Shon for the short time that I got to know you were a friend that I will never forget will miss you much. When I look up to the sky I say a silent prayer hoping your smiling down on all of
missing us as much as we miss you.
Diane McQueen & Sonya Carr (Erie, PA)

October 3, 2007

We send our sympathy to Sue and the family of Kashon S. Hicks. We are sorry to hear of your lost and know how much you will miss him. We never met Shon, but from what Lanette told us about him, we know he was a very nice young man. Shon is in a much better place now ~ free of the pain and suffering that he was having while here on this earth. May you always know that he is still with you, watching over each step that you take and waiting for the day until you all meet again. Losing such a fine young man, such as Shon, will be hard for you, but may you feel the comfort in knowing that your friends are walking with you each day. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Remember all the happy memories that you have of him. Memories are with you forever and they never can be taken from you. They will help you get through the hard times along with prayer.
Arthur & Diane Furman (Andover, OH)

October 5, 2007
To the family of Kashon S. Hicks, we send our sympathy. We will remember the times that we shared with Shon forever. He was a fine and special young man that had such good manners and wasn't afraid to share his time with others. Lutzy and I enjoyed his visits with us at our home very much. Although we will miss him, we do know he is in a much better place now. He is free of the pain and suffering that he was in while living on earth. Even though he is gone from us, we do need to remember that he will be watching over all of us until we meet again. God Bless each of you and know that we will be saying a prayer for all of you during this time of sorrow.
Lanette & Laszlo Farkas (Andover, OH)

Stopped by to show Shon his new nephew, born Oct 14th 2007

Got his grandmother's mouth huh?

October 19, 2007

Stopping by to wish Shon a Happy Birthday with his favorite flavor of cake.

October 20, 2007
We'd lost touch & I had no idea he'd been ill, so much is left unsaid. What comforts me is knowing that although many are saying goodbye - many are saying hello to Shon.
Casey Schroder (Jamestown, NY)

December 24, 2007
Today is my birthday and my gift to myself is this tattoo. This design Shon drew and I wanted it with me always.

Merry Christmas Son,
 Your Mom

Dear Kashon,
      Just a short note to say I'm so glad I had the honor of meeting you Shon, and want to send our deepest sympathy to your mother, Sue.  I can't even imagine the pain your mom must feel and how much she must miss you.  I see her almost every day at the nursing home and I know you are always with her.
I pray that God give her strength until we all meet again.
                                          Mike, Judy and Michael

I miss shon every day but i know he is here with me and my kids every day in are hearts shon was my life and my soul mate and i am so happy that he is not in pain any more and i will always love him for ever
 your wife Wilma love always

  2/29/08  He was cute at 9 and always will be

from your wife Wilma with love


Happy April 24 and he is not gone he will always be in your heart.
5/27/08  From your loving wife Wilma.


September 16, 2008

As the anniversary of your passing comes near
We remember all the good times and the fun times
 and the precious memories we shared.
 Not a day goes by that we don't think of you
and rejoice in knowing that one day we will see you again.

With Love,
From your Mother and Sisters, Nieces and Nephews.
September 30, 2008


I wish you where here we miss you so much this year and every year to come i wish we could see you smile again but we will and i miss your hugs and kisses they meant a lot to me and the kids miss u nycole miss u to but we think of you all the time because we miss u so much i always said to u that we would grow old together becuz i did not want u to go so soon
From your wife Wilma i love U always

(In loving memory of Kashon Hicks)
We will all miss you Shon so much u will always be in are hearts from your wife Wilma step children Terrell, Maya, Antonio
and your step niece Nycole we love You always

October 19, 2008 Stopping by to wish Kashon a Happy Birthday. Birthdays are forever, as love is forever. Happy Birthday Kashon.

Sept 30, 2009 
Second anniversary of his passing. His family gets together to remember all  the good times.

Stopping by with a memory of Christmas 2009 



Times News told everyone of the anniversary of your passing and of a mom's love

In Memory of my son
Kashon Shariee Hicks
Oct. 19, 1979  -  Sept. 30, 2007
Three years since you left us.
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you.
I see you waving to me from the bus,
I hear your voice when I am alone at home.
I know you are watching over me.
I miss you son.
Your Mom,
Susan Carr

October 19, 2010

Stopping by to wish Kashon a Happy Birthday. I Googled his birth date and this is what I found.

If you would like to find out about a specific year click here

December 2010
Wishing  a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.  Please remember our loved ones during this holiday season.

September 30, 2011
Stopping by to say hello on the 4th anniversary of your passing. Letting your family know that you are still watching over them and will welcome them with open arms when its their time.
Miss you


October 19, 2011
Your mom celebrates your birthday every year. Chocolate Cake. Maybe even a beer on occasion. Although absent from her sight, never from her heart.
Happy Birthday from all of us Shon.
Maggie Harrison

Stopping by to wish a
Remember our loved ones this year.


September 30, 2012
It has been 5 years since you left us.

Not a day goes by that we don't think of you.



Wishing you a

from all of us

Still missing u always
your wife Wilma

Miss my brother. Love you always Kashon. RIP BRO
Quisha Ellis

September 30, 2013
Your mom used to come visit this time of year. This year she is working hard and I don't get to see her as often.
I know she thinks of you today, as every day. 
Missing you


Friday Oct 18th
Tomorrow is Shon's birthday, Sue came to visit today. We did things that Shon would have done. She stopped for gas at the country fair and bought some scratch off tickets.

Won two free tickets, she turned them in and got two of the "50 buck" scratch offs. Out of the two, she won a free ticket, turned that one in and won another, turned that one in and won another. Then she said "end of the road. Sorry shon, didn't win anything. "

So then we went to Golden Corral for lunch.  She said that when her and Shon came there to eat, he would sit so he could look out the windows.
His favorite was mashed potatoes, he could eat three plates of them.  We filled our plates twice with all sorts of food and ended with Chocolate Fudge Cake and sang Happy Birthday to Shon.

She had to leave and get her grandkids and then back home.  It was very good to see her and share her memories of Kashon.

comments from face book

Tomorrow is my brothers birthday. Wow to think we are three years apart. He would be 34. Oh I know he would of been here by know to visit me. Oh the stuff we would get into. But he was taken away in his late 20's oh how I miss you so. Happy birthday in heaven bro. Take care of my twins and dad for me. You are gone but never forgotten. I will bake a chocolate cake for u tomorrow. Your fav. I love you Kashon. RIP
Quisha Ellis


Feb. 14, 2014



September 30, 2014

October 19, 2014


May trip to Minnesota   Your mom and I took a trip to see your sister and family.  Photos from our trip.

Sept 3rd
Were your ears burning today?  We talked about you to friends of your mom and you when you were little.  Your mom came by today and we went to Buffalo where you lived. Saw the neighborhood and talked with friends. It did your mom good.  Took a lot of pictures and put them on Facebook.



September 30, 2015

Eight years have passed. Each year your mom and I get together and remember that day. She hears your favorite song, she talks to you when she is alone. She keeps your name on her lips and her love for you in her heart. She keeps you on the minds of family and friends.



October 19,2015

Although your mom was not able to come visit me today like in years passed. I talked  to her and she celebrated your birthday at home.  Always thinking of you, and especially on your birthday.

September 30, 2016

Same as every day. We think of you, talk about you and remember you.

October 1, 2018

Hey Shon,

Your mom and I went to Golden Corral and had lunch. She made a plate for you and we talked about you.
I posted the photo on facebook and a link to this page.

You are missed


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