Mia Harris

March 24, 1980 - October 7, 2002


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Mia C. Harris

Mia was 22 years old. She is the daughter of Michael Nuber and Lenora M. Harris. 
She was born March 24, 1980.  She graduated from Strong Vincent High School in 1997.
 A loving person, good hearted and kind.  
She worked as a communications operator for  Professional Communications Messaging Inc. 

She is survived by her stepfather Gregory L. Harris, brother Lavelle Harris and her maternal grandparents Roger and Shirley Messenger and several aunts and uncles.

 God decided on this day that he was ready for Mia to join him. In her young life, she had already learned the lessons needed from this world and journeyed onto the next.

Be with the family and friends of Mia, in a time when they are full of sorrow and grief. Help them to remember the good time and the loving daughter, sister and grand-daughter she was. Friends and family members may donate in her name to their favorite charity.

One year has passed since Mia left us. Although gone from our sight, she is not gone from our hearts.
3/24/2004  Daffodils Let's celebrate Mia's birthday on this day. From your family and friends Mia. Happy Birthday.
On the second anniversary since Mia left us.  We rejoice that she is with her loved ones that passed before her and we will see her again someday.
As the holiday season approaches, let us remember the happy times. Keep Mia's family in your  thoughts and prayers.  Merry Christmas 2004

October 7, 2013
Eleven years have passed since you left us. I know your family thinks of you today as every day.




Feb 14, 2014

March 24, 2014

Mia, thinking of you on your day. I know your family misses you and celebrates your day.


October 7, 2014

Its been 12 years since you left this Earth.
Time does not diminish the emotion of this day. The thing that keeps us going is that we know someday we will see you again.

March 24,2015

Your family and friends remember this day.