The Mack

In Memory of
Willie Lee McMillan

Mr. Willie Lee (Ronnie) McMillan was born on March 7, 1948 in Williamsburg County, South Carolina.
He received his early education in Charleston County Schools. He attended Trident Technical College and later served three years in the United States Army. 
He went to Wilberforce University and from there he attended South Carolina State College.
Ronnie in 1965 in S.C. Ronnie 1967 Graduation 1967 Prom
Ronnie 1965 Graduation 1967

 He enjoyed traveling and left his mark from the East Coast to the West Coast. 
 Ronnie surrounded himself  with fine cars and fine women.

friends and ronnie

Ronnie and Slim at the Pink Poodle in Charleston, S.C.

Maggie and Ronnie  on Maggie's birthday

Ronnie drinking Kijafa
      (should be on the cover of a magazine)

Debbie, Maggie, T and Kitty took a road trip. Pit stop at a truck stop in Conn. Maggie, Ronnie and Debbie in Atlantic City NJ
Homies Ronnie and Slim November 1978 Ronnie 1979  Girls Road trip Atlantic City 
Ronnie in Charleston just relaxin Maggie's tshirt says "Look no further YOU FOUND THE BEST" March birthday Ronnie got a star from the Star Registry Ronnie Mack Accident in New Orleans  No one was hurt. Foxy's pup Ace Ronnie and his new Lincoln  on the  road again
Charleston SC shirt says 
"You found the best"
Ronnie Mack has a star

Coupe Deville
after the wreck

Ace Ronnie and  the Lincoln 

He made his home in New Orleans, La. where he opened a beauty salon and beauty supply shop.

Ronnie Mack worth a grand

Sign outside Beauty Shop on Magazine in New Orleans, LA.

Maggie worked in the shop behind the counter Rene won First Place for Charisma at the LSBA competition Cheers The food is good here Maggie and Ronnie celebrating Charisma winning First Place
Sign designed by sunshine Making appointments Charisma wins First Place Maggie and Ronnie dining out Celebrating first place

On Sept. 1, 1984 someone took his life. He was a man of peace, not violence.
He will be missed by all those who loved him, but his memories will be cherished and live long.

Ronnie was laid to rest in Charleston, S.C,

This page is created in his memory. March 7, 1998 marked his 50th birthday.

Happy Birthday Ronnie Mack !

To all that knew him, this is a reminder of what once was.
I am sure that our lives were touched by him in some way, and changes (for good or bad) came from it.

Care to discuss it?

If you have photos you would like to share, please send them. I will add them to this page.

March 7, 2008 Celebrating Ronnie's SIXTIETH Birthday. 
This site will keep his memory alive and to all that loved him, a reassurance that we will meet again.

Wanted to post a photo of Lei Ann and her two children Terrance and Jalita.

hey Maggie this is beanie I jus saw the website, I love it .
I hope you an the kids are doing well

This is Aunt Margaretís daughter Cindy. 
Ronnie was my momís nephew and she has passed now and I donít have any way of contacting you guys.
I live in Atlanta, Georgia.  I enjoyed the website and I do have some pictures I can share also. 
Rhonda, gave me the website today and it just blowed my mind.
Love Ya, hope to hear from you soon.

Hey, this is Ronnie cuz peanut in North Carolina   this is great. miss ya cuz

Hello Maggie, this is Rhonda, Mamie Jean's baby girl the one that is name Ronnie but I go by Rhonda. I would like for us all to get a chance to get together so we can get a chance to know Lei Ann.  please contact me.

Stopping by with a memory of Christmas 2009


I wanted to show you your newest grandson. 
His name is Lazarus James LEE Lockett
Born Jan 8, 2010

Lei Ann, Terrance, Jalita and Lazarus  And great-grandma Anna Mae has more pictures on her website


After 25 years,   I am still missing you.

September 1, 2010

Sometimes it is sad how life continues after loved ones are gone. They are not sad, its the ones that are left here that are sad.
One day, when my time has come, I don't want my loved ones that are left here to be sad. Just keep a spot for me, I will be there one day.

December 2010
Wishing  a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.  Please remember our loved ones during this holiday season.

March 7, 2011
 Happy Birthday Ronnie Mack!  Even though gone from my sight, never from my heart.

June 18, 2011
Came to Charleston, SC to visit friends and family. Stopped by the cemetery and took this picture.

 Saw some of Ronnie's family. It was really good to visit.


Stopping by to wish a
 Remember our loved ones this year.

March 7, 2012  Happy Birthday Ronnie.

Thinking of you today as always, hope family members are doing the same.





September 1, 2012
Its been 28 years since you were taken from us. What would our lives be like if you were still here? We can only imagine. Your family thinks of you often and hopes that you are watching over them.  Save a place for us Ronnie, we will be there when our time comes.



Wishing you a

from all of us


March 7, 2013


June 16th



Sept 1, 2013

It has been 29 years since you passed. Your photo is on my wall. My dreams sometimes are of the life we had.
I wake up and Thank God that I am here and he spared me so many times during those years, and I mourn for you because you didn't deserve any of that. You treated me good. I was there because I wanted to be there, and I left when I needed to. God saw that you were a good man, and your time in heaven was at hand, and no matter how you got there, I KNOW you are in Heaven and I know you are watching over us.


Feb. 14, 2014



March 7, 2014
Remembering that today is your birthday. Thinking back on happy times, the time I bought you a gold four leaf clover pendant and it turned your neck green.  I had your name engraved on the pendant and I was so proud to give it to you. You weren't mean to me, you just taught me how to tell if it was REAL gold or just gold plated. I never made that mistake again.

If you were here today, I would give you this GOLD four leaf clover.

Happy Birthday Ronnie Mack.


September 1, 2014
It's Labor Day for the rest of the country, there are parades and parties and people swimming and having picnics. This day is a reminder that you left this Earth for a better place. Dam it Ronnie, you better save me a place when I get to leave.  Part of my existence is knowing that one day I will join you and my parents in Heaven. And I am living my life making sure I will go there.

This  is for you Ronnie Mack!

December   2014


Feb. 6, 2015

Well your baby got engaged today. His name is Jonathan Barnett. His grandmother is Ruthie Perry and his mom is Betty.
He is good to Lei Ann and the kids. They are the same age. They plan to be married this Friday. Yes I am happy for her.
She will be Lei Ann Barnett


Feb 13, 2015

Its official

Jon. Lei Ann and the Judge "He put a ring on it" Jon's brother, mother, Lei Ann's children, Albe and Mimi

Lazarus and Jalita's school pictures



March 7, 2015

Thinking of you today. Hoping that you are celebrating your birthday.

May 11, 2015 I found this photo today while putting some things in the attic. I honestly forgot that it was there.
Must have been you wanting me to remember this photo and this day.
I remember this day.  It was in 1982 and I had got you a tray for serving you breakfast in bed.
Don't think I ever cooked you breakfast but you probably used it to put your food and drink on while you were relaxing and watching TV.
I was happy then, look at that blonde hair. Wow. You had my heart then as you do now.  



March 6, 2016

Today Lei Ann and family moved from my mom's house to a 4 bedroom house.

They need the room, she is expecting  a baby girl in May.
I am happy for them. Sad that now my mom's house is empty. Maybe I will fix it up and move in there, let my son have this house.
Anyway, tomorrow is your birthday.

Think of you today and often.